Back to Work Confidence


Get everything you need for your back to work confidence: your focus, your mindset, your ‘practical’ steps, support from others, accountability and so much more.

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I've designed this 3 month programme to help ambitious women who want Back to Work Confidence after a career break, redundancy or maternity leave.

This is for you

Perhaps you can’t decide what to do next and it’s driving you crazy because you’re changing your mind on a daily (or hourly) basis. 

Maybe you didn't enjoy the role you had before but you're not sure what else you can do. Or you don't know whether you want to go back to work, change career, freelance or start a business. Together we can make sense of all your thoughts and ideas.

If you've already worked out what you want

This is also for you if you’ve already worked out what you want but you’re a smart woman and you know you could do with some help and support to get there. Maybe it's sorting out the practicals such as your CV or some interview practice.

If you’re switching between could I do something different? could I be someone different? could I go back to work? could I start a business? or do something I’ve not even thought about yet? The answer is YES to all of these but it’s choosing the right one for you.

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Start planning now

Many of the women I talk to plan to go back to work, change career or start a business once the kids start school. But you need to get started now. (You get instant access to the bonuses as soon as you sign up).

Here’s my plan to make this happen. In September you're probably sorting out uniforms and book bags. Before you know it, you're in October with half-term, Halloween and the run-up to Christmas. Then we're in the New Year and if you don't act quickly, you'll be in the Easter holidays. 

Somehow life gets in the way of taking time to focus on what you want. I know exactly how that works as a busy mum myself.

Back to Work Confidence is a 3 month term-time only programme. It gives you time away from your normal environment and everyday stresses in a 1 day workshop (don’t worry it’s a late start so you can still do school drop-off or make arrangements). You will love the group support and structured approach. 

The 1 day workshop runs in March, May and October. Some people use the workshop as an introduction to Back to Work Confidence; others attend half-way through or at the end. It's what is right for you and your timing (and urgency) to go back to work.

The group is kept deliberately small so that you get the right level of personal attention. 

At the workshop, you'll focus on getting clarity on what you want so that you find the confidence to make the decisions that are right for you. We’ll review your skills, strengths, achievements and values. Plus of course the practicals such as CV, LinkedIn, etc. You'll take away a realistic action plan

This comes with 3 months of ongoing support in the form of weekly Q&As and accountability, and you’ll stay on track, whether you decide on career or business.

I know what it’s like to trying to fit full days and live calls around school runs or after school activities. I always take this into account when planning my programmes. That means that it’s key to give you flexibility on timings and ability to access resources online from home when it suits you.

The first two mums that joined Back to Work Confidence last year found new jobs in just 6 weeks! 


Here's how it works

  • 1 day workshop (a short day designed to accommodate the school drop-off in central London or North West Kent)

  • 3 months ongoing support and accountability (from the day you sign up so you can get started straight away).
  • Q&A call every week (recorded if you can’t make it live).
  • Accountability and actions every week (to keep you on track).
  • Facebook secret group (ask questions, request feedback, get opinions or be inspired. Open 24/7 so you can post when you want, and wait for your replies).
  • Online masterclasses (access as and when you need).
  • The Resource Centre (downloads, checklists, and other goodies as extra resources).

If there’s a topic missing from the masterclasses or Resource Centre, just ask and if I think it’s a good fit, I’ll create it for you. You get your specific questions and concerns dealt with while helping me to develop Back to Work Confidence. The Resource Centre has loads already ... worksheets, checklists, videos - from flexible working to networking on LinkedIn. 

Now you might be unsure whether you want a career or a business. This programme is perfect because the first priority is to figure out your skills, strengths and values. Understanding who and what you are is the absolute foundation for your back to work confidence.

Where appropriate, I have a pool of experts to call on including a CV specialist, headshot photographer, image consultant, HR specialist, employment lawyer, marketing expert, business planner, website builder, social media strategist and much more.

If this isn’t for you

Maybe this isn’t for you or not for you right now – one of the biggest compliments you can pay me, is to refer me to others who want back to work confidence. I really appreciate referrals and shares, because I am never too busy to take on fabulous new clients.



  • 1.

    Lifetime access to The Confident Mother library (2015 & 2016) - more than 50+ interviews.  (Value £94)

  • 2.

    Access to Clear Confidence recordings (6 module course).   (Value £197)

  • 3.

    Access to Career Confidence recordings (6 module course).   (Value £397)

  • 4.

    Signed copy of The Confident Mother book.  (Value £11.99 + postage)

  • 5.

    Back to Work Confidence Essentials Guide (ebook of 60+ pages packed with practical advice).   (Value £7)

Your investment for Back to Work Confidence is just £500 + bonuses worth total value of £708.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All of the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results my clients have created with my support. This is a learning course not a done-4-you programme, so you must participate fully and take action in order to learn and see results. Your success depends on your commitment, and there is no guarantee you will achieve the same results represented here.

I promise to deliver high quality content and learning and I’m confident you will get HUGE value.

However, if you invest  and decide it is not for you, you may request a full refund (no questions asked) up until the start of the first break on the one day workshop OR after the first two Q&As scheduled, whichever comes first. This allows you to attend the first part of the workshop OR two Q&As before the refund period ends. 


Still have questions?


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"Life-changing" and "powerful"

Having Sherry by my side while I step my way through the transition from stay at home mum to working mum has been utterly invaluable. Her gentle but firm approach has given me the chance to re-engage with the “professional” within me, allowing me to move forward while keeping on track of all other aspects of my life.

She delivered a fantastic and generous level of support, encouragement and guidance without it ever feeling forceful, and she has an incredible knack for teasing out and addressing issues that may be blocking progress.

Sherry far exceeded my expectations ... and has enabled me to discover what it is to feel powerful.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the experience of working with her has been life-changing. Thank you Sherry. 

Ashley A
Event Organiser
"Professional" and "approachable"

Sherry is a very professional coach, yet is also really approachable and easy to work with. She helped me to set up my new business as a Yoga teacher, and to feel confident about aspects of the business that I previously felt unsure about. 

She taught me an effective problem-solving approach which I have used many times since. I am now able to focus on the teaching, knowing that I have a proper business structure and system in place. 

I would highly recommend Sherry as a coach.

Emma Martin
Yoga Teacher

This is THE Back to Work Confidence programme for ambitious women who want the clarity and support to go back to work with confidence.


Your investment in your back to work confidence is £500.

(plus bonuses worth £708).

If this sounds like exactly what you need, click on the button below and get started TODAY.

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