The Confident Mother - 16 to 27 January 2017


25+ successful mothers and expert speakers share their approach to confidently balancing work and life so you can too.


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Hi I'm Sherry your host for the conference and founder of The Confident Mother

The Confident Mother's 3rd annual online conference with daily interviews and discussions was held from 16 to 27 January 2017, and free to attend.

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The women who attended loved the 25+ sessions which covered self-care to mindset, leadership to imposter syndrome, preventing burnout to speaking up with confidence. 

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Allow yourself to be captivated by the stories from inspirational mothers and fabulous experts; moved by their experiences; surprised by their challenges and inspired to take action. 

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    Get clear on what's holding you back then feel the fear and do it anyway!

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    Join us to celebrate and love life as a woman and as a mother.


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The Confident Mother 2017 sessions


Five key things you need to do to get career confidence 

Sherry is founder of The Confident Mother - an approach to life focused on celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother. She helps ambitious women get clear on what they really want then find the confidence to go and do it!

An author, coach and speaker, Sherry spent more than 25 years working in the City. She specialises in working with women in technology and business managers in professional services.

Sherry’s first book The Confident Mother was published in 2015 and she is working on her second, Confident Leadership for Ambitious Women. She is also a keen runner, dog sitter, wife and mum to two gorgeous daughters.

Prize draw - Friday 27 January at 8pm GMT / 2pm CST - LIVE!


Mel Noakes

Self care - The secret to balancing success, health and happiness 

Mel Noakes is The Self Care Coach, a sought after health coach, speaker and writer specialising in helping women to balance professional success with their personal health and happiness. Her clients say she's a genius at helping them to embrace their uniqueness, respect their body and create a sense of balance so they can thrive.

Mel is the former Head of Experiential Marketing and has over a decade of experience working in some of the most exciting and demanding business environments and knows first hand the demands a high profile job in a mans world can create. 

Her epiphany happened on a mountain top and her own self care revolution was born.

Monday 16 January 2017 - 10am GMT / 4am CST


Gentle Strategies for Better Sleep: simple, effective techniques for improving your little one’s sleep so you feel more rested and confident

Amanda is a child sleep expert, helping families get the sleep they need without resorting to controlled crying. 

Having improved her own daughter’s sleep using gentle strategies from Kim West (aka the Sleep Lady) Amanda was inspired to leave her corporate HR career and train personally with Kim to become one of her Gentle Sleep Coaches.

If your confidence is suffering because you are sleep-deprived & exhausted due to unwanted night wakings, early rising or bedtime battles with your little one Amanda will explain what stops our babies sleeping well and share gentle but effective strategies to getting better sleep.

Monday 16 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Emily Jacob
Reconnected Life

How to live a ReConnected Life, and help others do it too

Emily is the founder of ReConnected Life. She helps women who’ve been raped to go from surviving, coping one day at a time, living a half-life, to living a full and whole reconnected life. 

She is a coach and NLP master practitioner using her skills, knowledge and experience to pioneer a new, whole-body/mind/soul approach to recovery after rape beyond symptom management, and beyond coaching.

Emily has a strong vision of ending rape culture within a generation by empowering the rest of society to stand up for survivors whenever they are presented with misogyny and ignorance.

Monday 16 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Elizabeth Toohig
The Speech Sculptor

Speaking with clarity and confidence: the art and craft of creating and delivering a great talk

Elizabeth is The Speech Sculptor and teaches people the art and craft of a great talk.

We all use speaking to communicate. Being able to express thoughts and ideas with clarity and authenticity makes it easier for the audience (whether 1 or 101 people) to understand and buy into our message or idea.

The great news is everyone can master the skills to deliver a talk with clarity and confidence.

Elizabeth will share her TREAT™ process that enables adults and young people to develop and refine their speaking and presentation skills so every talk they give is a treat for the audience and speaker.

Tuesday 17 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Work and Life - Can you ever really balance the scales

Hannah has been a lawyer for 12 years and in 2011 decided to take a career break from corporate law to raise her young son. After meeting the founder of a firm who wanted to challenge the norm, Hannah went back into law and has run her own legal business as part of that firm since 2012, trying to “balance the scales” since 2014!

Hannah launched her speaking, training and coaching business (authentically speaking) in July 2016 to help women suffering from stress, or who want to live with more happiness, to find a better way.

In this interview we discuss the changing culture in law firms and what we can do to look after ourselves to 'balance the scales'.

Tuesday 17 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST

"I have learnt so much"

"Thank you for putting The Confident Mother conference on. It has been fantastic, I have learnt so much and put lots in place already."

Emma P
"I believe I can do this"

"The Confident Mother [conference] has changed me as a person. I am starting to believe in my ability to manage on my own. I believe that I can do this"

Single Mum
Orpington, Kent

Kelly Pietrangeli
Project Me

Become the Project Manager of your life

Kelly Pietrangeli is the Mama Motivator and creator of Project Me, an online resource for busy mothers.

The Project Me Life Wheel® gives you a great starting point to make life flow easier. Getting some systems in place, feeling better organised and on top of your daily to-dos will free you up to see the bigger picture stuff.

Kelly's candid about her struggles and openly shares what has and hasn’t worked. Her ongoing quest for personal and professional growth is an inspiration to all that follow her popular blog, read her guest publications, attend her workshops and participate in her programmes.

Project Me shows mothers how to implement the things they want to be doing in their everyday lives by turning ideas into action. 

Wednesday 18 January - 10am GMT / 4am CST 


Create your visual signature to enhance your confidence and well-being

How would you feel opening your wardrobe door, seeing everything you have and knowing exactly what you will wear that day, knowing that everything in there is the right shape, the right colour, it fits and reflects your personality? Put all that together and whatever choice you make will make you look and feel fantastic.

Of all the decisions and challenges you need to face before you leave the house in the morning, how fantastic would it be to have the whole issue of what to wear completely sorted, every single day.

Jan is The Style Architect and helps women returning to work, or starting a business to find their confidence around their style and create the right visual signature reflecting themselves, their goals and their business.

Wednesday 18 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Julia Carter

How to avoid burnout in your career and in life

Julia has over 16 years experience in the blue-chip corporate world with more than 10 years in learning and development roles. She has designed and delivered management and employee development programmes for all levels of employees including Senior Managers and Directors throughout the UK and Europe, and across the globe.

Julia is a hands on, highly motivating training professional and coach who passionately believes every individual can be the person they really want to be when they are given the right tools, support and direction to get there.

In this interview, Julia shares insights on burnout, the signs, the causes and most importantly, how to avoid.

Wednesday 18 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Ruth Douglas
Imp Ideas

The single parent circus – managing the work life balance when you’re the ring master AND the juggler.

Ruth Douglas is a founder, fundraiser and single parent.

Ruth works with businesses to help them tell compelling stories that connect them to their customers to build relationships and revenue.

Ruth became a single parent in 2009 and began a process of rediscovering and redefining herself, her career and her life on her terms. Seven years down the line and she has a happy daughter, a full life and a creative portfolio career that includes working as a fundraiser in a regional charity as well as running her own business.

Thursday 19 January 2017 - 10am GMT / 4am CST


Inge Woudstra
W2O Consulting

Be gender smart - the key to your career success.

In this interview Inge will answer your questions on gender difference at work. Inge uses the latest findings from neuroscience and biopsychology and shows you how they impact your behaviour. We know it’s hard for women to speak up and take their place at the table. But why? And what can you do about it?

Join us to get tips on what you can do to speak up more and sound confident at work. Find out more about your unique talents and learn how you can actually leverage your differences at work to be more confident, happy and healthy.

Inge is an experienced facilitator, consultant and an inspiring speaker. She is an expert in gender difference and passionately believes we should not try and ‘fix the women’ but instead ‘fix organisations’ so they work for both women and men.

Inge works with organisations to help them work towards a better gender balance and runs training programmes for both managers and women. She is the director of W2O Consulting & Training and is the author of the book Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women. She is an associate at The Art of Work and works as a mentor for PWN Women’s Network.

Thursday 19 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST 


Rebecca Robertson
Evolution for Women

How to become a financially savvy mum with your money…

Rebecca Robertson, award winning founder of Evolution for Women, regular media commentator on financial planning and Huffington Post contributor. Rebecca is known as the financial planner who is passionate about putting women firmly in control of their finances.

She has helped thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom and given them peace of mind that their finances are properly protected in case the worst should happen.

She provides holistic and independent advice to clients, but also gives vital financial planning advice as a media commentator, with regular slots on BBC Radio Kent and in Mortgage Introducer Magazine advising on financial issues particularly in relation to women.

Rebecca has also appeared in the Independent’s ‘Women in Finance’ and is a financial expert for the Talented Ladies Club. In addition, Rebecca has won many financial and banking awards for her work with women’s finances.

Thursday 19 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Stephanie Dillon

How to be your own Recruiter

Stephanie Dillon is the Founder & Director of Inclusivity, a recruitment business specifically dedicated to career returners. 

She works with passion to ensure returners gain access to employment opportunities and are not penalised for having a career gap. 

Stephanie describes herself as a reverse headhunter - building relationships with businesses to then highlight the amazing talent pool of career returners.

Friday 20 January - 10am GMT / 4am CST 


Rachel Carrell
Koru Kids

What's the best form of childcare for ambitious women with big jobs?

Rachel is the CEO of, a tech startup focusing on helping parents share their nannies in London. It's desperately needed. 

Did you know that most families with children spend as much on childcare as they do on their mortgage? Or that the average cost of a nanny in Central London is £37,000? Did you know that nurseries aren't much cheaper than that, if you have two children? Did you know that many nurseries shut for summer holidays, or only do half days, and that if your child is sick they can't go for the next 48 hours? Did you know that if you get a nanny, you have to run PAYE and pension schemes?

If you're a parent, you probably knew all of that, plus much more about the pain of sorting out your childcare.

Rachel is a current WEF Young Global Leader and former CEO of DrThom, the world's largest online doctor service. She has a DPhil from Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar, and lives with her husband and two year old daughter in North London.

Friday 20 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST 


Sue Revell
Magenta Change

Learning to be an Unstoppable Leader – in Business and in Life

Sue is a deeply experienced, transformative, personal leadership coach who helps high performers to BE unstoppable. 

She works with ambitious entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, politicians & performers to turn their resistance into flow so that they can consistently create their best work with least effort and successfully move from excellent to exceptional.

Sue’s extensive experience in public service and in leading complex change projects led her to develop very finely honed skills in working with people to create change. Her signature I Gotta Be Me experience, helps high performers to BE unstoppable in the most effortless and authentic way possible.

Friday 20 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Caroline Flanagan
Babyproof Coach

Babyproof Bootcamp – How to beat overwhelm, conquer guilt and triumph as a working parent

Caroline Flanagan is The BabyProof Coach. She is an ex-City lawyer who knows exactly what it’s like to have a family and work in a competitive environment.

After experiencing career derailment, Caroline made it her mission to empower others to avoid the same fate. She founded Babyproof Your Life to prepare pre-baby professionals for the marathon of working parenthood. Caroline has appeared in Grazia, Huffington Post, Mother & Baby, The Times Legal Supplement and Marie Claire.

Caroline is an inspiring speaker and author of Baby Proof Your Career: The Secret To Balancing Work and Family So You Can Enjoy It All. She is the mother of four boys.

Monday 23 January 2017 - 10am GMT / 4am CST


Managing Menopause in the Workplace: How to cool down, calm down and break through the brain fog

Julie specialises in practical and natural solutions for controlling menopause symptoms.

She helps busy professional women cool down, calm down, breakthrough the brain fog and feel like themselves again so they can stay on track with their relationships and careers.

She also enjoys working with forward thinking organisations to reduce knowledge gaps for line managers and improve the experience of female staff who may be struggling with menopause symptoms like brain fog, poor concentration and low energy.

Menopause is no longer a silent issue!

Monday 23 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


How to use Social Media to show the world that you are absolutely fabulous when you are ready to be found

Nicky Kriel is one of UK’s top Social Media Influencers and is an International Social Media trainer, speaker and bestselling author. She will show you how to use of Social Media to raise your online profile and how to attract and discover opportunities when you are ready to return to work or to make a career change.

Nicky’s Social Media books are “How to Twitter for Business Success” and “Converting Conversations to Customers”. She has raised three children on her own since her divorce over a decade ago.

Monday 23 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Vicky Warr
The Beez Kneez

How to fit in exercise and be more active easily and efficiently for VERY busy people 

Exercise and healthy eating are choices we make to feel better, look great and enjoy life. Getting fit should never feel like either a chore or a privilege and can fit into your busy schedule! 

Vicky is passionate about helping women, particularly mums/moms, get fit feel strong and be ‘The Beez Kneez’. She has tools and tips for you to practically and realistically move more and get fit so you feel healthier and happier as a women and mum/mom and to be a great role model to your children. 

Vicky is founder of The Beez Kneez, healthy eating and exercise for Mamas and Mamas To Be.

Tuesday 24 January 2017 - 10am GMT / 4am CST


Angela Harkness
High Heelers

Women can have what they want too: how to go about achieving it without Mum guilt setting in

Angela is a Life Coach, Business Coach, speaker and writer. She is fiercely passionate about helping women to live their truth. Helping them to remove all blocks and giving them strategies to achieving that. 

Angela brings over 20 years corporate experience as an employee and business owner. Her skill and success comes from her honesty and incredible instinct when it comes to helping clients move forward.

A lightbulb moment came at a corporate meeting with very senior managers attending. Everyone was asked what they would do if they won the lottery and not a single person said they would do what they are doing now. 

Tuesday 24 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Jessica Chivers
Talent Keepers

Making a confident comeback after maternity leave – what great line managers know and do

Retaining maternity leavers and bringing them back with confidence makes business sense. Many businesses have great retention rates but keeping someone doesn’t mean they’re fired up, giving their best and continuing to progress. 

With the publication of the Alexander-Hammond review report hot on the heels of Lord Davies’ Women on Boards reports, keeping and fueling women in the mid-career years has never been a higher priority than it is now. 

Join coaching psychologist Jessica Chivers, author of Mothers Work! and founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists ( to discover the five key things great line managers know and do to keep women’s careers moving after maternity.

Wednesday 25 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


How to tell if imposter syndrome is damaging your confidence

Rebecca set up Artemis Mindset Coaching to provide women with the mindset and skills to lead with confidence. She offers mindset coaching and skills training to help you shine in your life and career.

What she noticed is that many ambitious women suffer from 'imposter' syndrome experiencing chronic self-doubt, a very loud inner critic in their head, or feel they have achieved their success 'by chance' or that soon they'll be 'found out'. 

If that's you too, discover the signs of imposter syndrome and how to recover. 

Wednesday 25 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST 


Rebecca Hirst
Glorious Wellness

How to eat for amazing energy and brilliant brain power: real-world advice on how to feel gloriously well whilst juggling a million other things 

Rebecca Hirst is the founder of Glorious Wellness, an in-demand nutrition coach, wellness expert and TEDx speaker. Rebecca’s clients are busy, ambitious women who want to transform their energy, boost their brain power and feel gloriously well. She’s coached many exhausted, caffeine/wine/sugar-dependent women back to brilliant health.

Fed up of having acne in her 30s, Rebecca started investigating the connection between stress, food and her spots. She went on study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition whilst being in charge of marketing at Coca-Cola (the irony’s not lost on her).

Rebecca left to set up Glorious Wellness. Real world advice on how to feel gloriously well whilst juggling a million other things is her forte. Rebecca is famous for her down-to-earth approach to wellness that doesn’t require fuss, fads or the latest ‘superfood’.

Thursday 26 January 2017 - 10am GMT / 4am CST


What psychologists know about work-life balance and how it can help you

Anna Meller is one of the UK’s leading experts in work-life balance. She helps ambitious professional women to balance their corporate career with their family life. Through her group programme and individual coaching/mentoring she empowers them to make choices that work for them and their employers – so they keep their careers and their employers keep key talent.

Her unique approach acknowledges the struggles for balance in women’s lives. It's based on twenty years’ experience of corporate work-life balance issues, her own groundbreaking research and her active participation in the BPS Work Life Balance Working Group for the past 8 years.

Thursday 26 January 2017 - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Catherine Cuffley
Thinking Choices

How to develop a confident mind-set and create a more balanced life

Catherine is an executive coach and founder of Thinking Choices Limited. She specialises in working with organisations in the City of London to help them to develop their women leaders.

She is the author of the forthcoming book, SHIFT: Insights from a City Coach on Succeeding as an Authentic Woman Leader and she also speaks at conferences and events on the application of neuroscience to leadership, amongst other topics.

Catherine has spent many years in the City in a range of Human Resources, Learning and Development and management consultancy roles.

Thursday 26 January 2017 - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


I sat and listened in awe to these people who have got such confidence and appear to have everything ‘sorted’ – hearing Sherry talk so confidently about how fulfilled she is having worked out her true purpose was inspirational. Yet again I find myself wanting to be like her when I grow up!

Elaine L
Community Administrator
West Midlands
"Very enlightening"

I listened to the recorded interview with Maxine – there was so much packed into that hour! I had been looking forward to this session, and it didn’t disappoint, in fact it was very enlightening.

Ashley A
HR Manager

Kirsty Blackman
Aberdeen North 

Managing work and life with a hectic, high-pressure job

Kirsty is the MP for Aberdeen North, elected in the 2015 General Election. At 30 years old, Kirsty is one of the youngest members of the House of Commons. 

She lives 500 miles from her workplace and balances an incredibly busy job, commuting to London 35 weeks a year, with parenting a 3 year old and a 5 year old. 

Kirsty didn’t set out to be an MP and doesn’t have any formal qualifications, but manages to make her voice heard in a particularly macho, male dominated environment. She is working to remove barriers faced by those underrepresented in politics.

Friday 27 January 2017 - 10am GMT / 4am CST


Katie Bailey
Meaningful Work

Getting to ‘Why?’ How finding the meaning in your work can drive motivation and fulfilment

We all crave meaningful work. But often we can’t see the meaning in what we do, either because we’re in the wrong job, because something gets in the way, or because we’re not looking for meaning in the right place.

Katie is Professor of Management at the University of Sussex and is an expert in work meaningfulness. She shares her insights into the importance of meaningful work, the surprising ways people find meaning, and what it is that employers and managers do that makes work seem meaningless.

Friday 27 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST 


Five key things you need to do to get career confidence 

Sherry is founder of The Confident Mother - an approach to life focused on celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother. She helps ambitious women get clear on what they really want then find the confidence to go and do it!

An author, coach and keynote speaker, Sherry is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm. She specialises in working with women in technology and professional services. 

Sherry’s first book The Confident Mother was published in 2015 and she is working on her second, Confident Leadership for Ambitious Women. She launched her weekly podcast Confident Conversations in November 2016. 

She is also a keen runner, dog sitter, wife and mum to two gorgeous daughters.

Friday 27 January at 8pm GMT / 2pm CST - LIVE!

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