Discover what it takes to get YOU and YOUR BUSINESS beyond the tipping point of SUCCESS! 

Introducing your hosts

Sue Revell
Personal Leadership Coach

Sherry Bevan 
Women's Leadership Coach

We regularly work with clients who tell us that they are ‘so close’, they can feel or smell success – maybe even touch it. We’ve been there too! The more we thought about it, the more we realised there is a tipping point in every big decision, every big leap and every small tweak to achieve success. 

Join us On The Tipping Point LIVE! to hear 12 successful entrepreneurs and inspirational business leaders share their personal story of what it takes to get beyond the tipping point!

On The Tipping Point LIVE! is a series of conversations inspired by our leadership podcast in which we explore the four stages of success: reflection, change, momentum and inspiration. 

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Katharine Dever
Intuitive Consultant &
Business Mentor

1pm - 8 December 2017

Your turn to take the hot seat!

8pm - 30 November 2017

Sarah Arrow
Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

8pm - 27 November 2017

Veronica Pullen
The Social Marketing Queen

1pm - 29 November 2017

Suzanne Dibble
Award-winning Business Lawyer 
Co-founder of Empress Collective

1pm - 1 December 2017

Lucy Whittington
Thing Finder, Marketing Doer, Software Starter

8pm - 4 December 2017

Bryony Thomas
The Watertight Marketer

1pm - 5 December 2017

Alison Jones
Business Publishing Partner

1pm - 28 November 2017

Cara Sayer
Chief Sleep Officer at SnoozeShade

1pm - Thursday 6 December 2017

Susan Payton
Story Strategist

1pm - 27 November 2017

Nicola Huelin
Business Coach & Mentor

1pm - 4 December 2017

Vee Smith
Digital Marketing Strategist & Implementer

8pm - 29 November 2017

8pm - 28 November 2017

Lindsey Fish
Founder & CEO
 Mums Enterprise Ltd

8pm - 28 November 2017

Join us in the hot seat to share your tipping point story!  

8pm - 7 December 2017

Join us for the wrap-up
and prize draw 

8pm - 8 December 2017

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