5 Day Sprint Reveals How Women in Tech Can Start to Get Job Search Ready on LinkedIn

Join the FREE Get Job Search Ready on LinkedIn Sprint and start to attract new people and new career opportunities simply by building a powerful LinkedIn profile.

SPRINT starts Monday 13 July.
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Hosted by Sherry Bevan

  • You'll discover how to get job search ready on LinkedIn so that you get noticed, make a bigger impact and attract more career opportunities to your profile.
  • I'll share my simple, straightforward and practical strategies I've used to job search successfully that will give you clarity and build your confidence on LinkedIn.
  • BONUS You'll feel more in control because you'll have a better understanding of how LinkedIn works and what recruiters are looking for on your profile. Which means you're more likely to nail the job interview!
  • You'll be given exclusive access to our private 5 Day Sprint members only Facebook group, along with all the other ambitious women taking part in the Sprint.
  • Every day I'll share one task in the group for you to complete and post in the comments how you got on.
  • Every task can be done in less than 30 minutes. I'll be on hand to give guidance, support and feedback. Plus you'll meet some fabulous new career-minded women. You might even find your next career move in the group!
Sherry Bevan, The Confident Mother

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a job that no longer fills you with joy. To feel overwhelmed and lost about what to do next. Not knowing which way to turn.

And I get how feeling like that can affect your confidence and self-belief.

If you’re like I was, chances are you’re working long hours, caught on the hamster wheel, with no time to think about what you want to do or even what you’re really good at.

I get it.

I know because I’ve trodden that path myself and have the bumps, bruises, burn out and even brain damage to prove it!

And maybe you're thinking you're smart and intelligent, you should be able to work it out for yourself.

Maybe you don't know what you want or what help you need. But I can guarantee that if you're looking for that next career move, LinkedIn is THE place to be.

And if you're not confident on HOW to use it for your career, my 5 Day Sprint is a brilliant launchpad to start getting you job search ready on LinkedIn.

We'll do it live together in bite-sized tasks Monday to Friday, 13 to 17 July.

Plus I'll be in the group every day to guide and support you, and make sure you get the most out of it.

I'm an action taker and I'll be expecting the same from you.

After all, it's not magic. You do the work, You get the results.

So what are you waiting for?

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