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Get a job you love with the work-life balance you need AND the salary you deserve!

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Sherry Bevan, The Confident Mother

With Job Search Confidence, you get clear on your career goals, write a winning LinkedIn profile that attracts career opportunities, a polished CV that fast tracks you to the YES pile, leverage your network without being pushy, and feel fully prepared for the all important job interview.

All this following a simple yet effective framework to get your dream job.​

Does this sound familiar?

Competition is tough right now with more talented people than ever applying for even fewer positions.

You know it's time to make a move but you feel trapped - you're scared you won't find the right role AND the flexibility you need.

It's been years since you went job hunting and the thought of video interviews, getting more visible on LinkedIn, using your network ... it's unfamiliar territory.

My name is Sherry Bevan and in 2009 I was made redundant. It was one of the scariest years of my life. There were so many amazingly talented people in the same situation. And no jobs.

At first I was angry, upset, and ashamed. It really knocked my confidence. I just wanted to hide away but I couldn't because I had a mortgage to worry about, bills to pay and two young daughters to provide for.

So I did what I knew best. I took action.

I got clear on my goals. I polished my LinkedIn profile. I updated my CV. I networked like crazy. I asked for help.

And it worked. I found my next job through my LinkedIn network. I stayed there three years but I didn't love it. I felt undervalued, underpaid and overworked. My girls were growing up fast and I knew I wanted to be more present. So this time I took control and I did it all over again.

Got clear on my goals. Polished my profile. Updated my CV. Networked like crazy. Asked for help.

My next three roles all came through my network on LinkedIn. Using the same simple strategy and framework every time. And now I use that exact same framework to help my amazing clients get jobs they love with the work-life balance to match AND the salary their skills and experience deserve.

And now introducing ....

Job Search Confidence

A brand new online transformation programme TAILORED specifically for women in technology who want the confidence and knowledge to get their dream job without overwhelm and confusion.

  • Get clear on your career goals and values so that you don't waste time applying for the wrong jobs.
  • Craft your winning CV and optimise your LinkedIn profile so you showcase the best of your skills and experience and become a stand out candidate for your next dream role - before you even apply!
  • Find the job of your dreams so that you wake up every single morning excited about work.
  • Know exactly how to prepare for job interviews so that you feel totally in control.
  • Identify your skills and talents so your inner confidence shines through at job interviews.

This isn’t like any job search programme that you’ve seen or experienced before …

I'm sure you're sat there thinking there are so many courses on how to job search and update your LinkedIn profile and wondering what's different about this one.

Job Search Confidence is different because it's been designed specifically for women in technology based on my 30 years in technology and 10 years as a career coach.

Unlike many career coaches, I've been through redundancy and burnout myself.

A former hiring manager, I've been on both sides of the job interview table.

I'm fully qualified as a coach with The Coaching Academy.

An experienced L&D specialist (Winner of the Learning Awards Digital Learning Transformation of the Year in 2021), I've designed the course to give you bite-sized learning to tackle both the practical challenges and the confidence obstacles you face.

I do this work because I don't just want women to have a seat at the table, I want women to OWN the table.

Four reasons to invest in you and your career

Absolute clarity

Get clarity on your career goals so you don't get stuck in overwhelm applying for countless unsuitable roles.

Build confidence 

Get the inner confidence that comes from understanding your unique career proposition: who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Take control

Discover how to stand out from the competition and make a bigger impact so you make the right career decisions for you.

Stop self-doubt

Stop feeling scared, worrying what you're missing, whether you're ready or where you belong.

Join Job Search Confidence today

Whether you’re coming back after a career break, job hunting because of redundancy or seeking new career opportunities, there's a Job Search Confidence plan of action for you.

Enrol today to get immediate access to the Job Search Confidence core content.

BONUS: when you earn 25 Engagement Points you qualify for a discounted Career Power Hour that you can use to get the additional support you need e.g. CV review, finalise your LinkedIn profile, job interview prep, get clarity on career goals etc.

SPECIAL BONUS: sign up in February 2022 and you'll get front row seats at 3 x private job search confidence drop-in sessions in March, worth £147, when you get the opportunity to get your job search questions answered live and in person!

What you get

12 week programme to craft your winning CV, optimise your LinkedIn profile and know exactly how to prepare for job interviews so you feel totally in control and become THE stand-out candidate for your dream job – before you even apply!

  • 6 core modules with inspirational videos and practical worksheets so that it's easily achievable in bite-sized chunks
  • Supportive online community available 24x7 so that we keep you on track if you're feeling overwhelmed
  • Immediate access to the core content as soon as you sign up so that you can work through the content at your pace
  • Lifetime access to the tools & resources so that you can re-use the materials over and over again
  • BONUS qualify for a discounted Power Hour when you earn 25 Engagement Points, value £50
  • BONUS get front row seats at 3 x drop-in sessions so you get your job search questions answered in person, value £147

£49 deposit + 2 further monthly instalments of £49 = £147

Or, pay in full and save £50 = £97

I'm SO ready for this! 

How it works

I’ve broken this programme into 6 distinct modules, each building on the one before in bite-sized steps:


Get clear on your career goals, your skills and strengths, your personal brand, what you really want and who you are in all this. Identify where you need to look and what to include.


Discover how to get more visible online and dig deep into the practicals of a powerful LinkedIn profile that showcases the best of your skills and experience to attract the right career opportunities.


Focus on how to present yourself confidently in job applications from writing an impressive cover letter to creating a polished CV that makes you stand out from the competition and gets you on the YES pile.


Practise those challenging interview questions so you don't get flustered and know exactly how to showcase your talents and expertise with confidence and poise.


Uncover how to create the positive mindset you need to keep yourself sane, and negotiate the salary and flexible working arrangements you want.


Tools and strategies to empower you to prioritise balance and self-care so you build resilience to better overcome the inevitable setbacks of job hunting, without going into overwhelm and burnout.

What you get in Job Search Confidence

Unlimited access to videos + worksheets

Bite-sized tasks delivered in the form of videos and worksheets which means you can re-use over and over.

Online community available 24x7

Get support from other job searchers. Share insights, ask for feedback and get inspired.

Personalised workbook

By the end, you'll have created your own personalised workbook you can refer back to time and time again.

Why my clients love me ...

"Sherry is a brilliant coach, providing thought provoking insight on points that have a significant impact on career development.

Working with Sherry produces real tangible results."

Aneesa Rafiq
Senior Business Analyst

"The bite size structure makes it easier to work through the content of the course.

And the support of Sherry, and the supportive environment she creates with the other attendees was invaluable."

Joanne Greaves
Underwriting Controls Specialist

"From day 1 Sherry inspires confidence in you & your ability to get this done - as long as you do the work!

Having not worked for several years I had felt all at sea with my job search and more remote from LinkedIn than I have ever been."

Jill Freeman
Facilities Manager

And here's how I know it will work for you ...

Job Search Confidence is like nothing you've experienced before.

It's not a faceless CV writing service where you end up frustrated and out of pocket with a CV that's all frills, posh words and no substance.

This is a structured framework with tools and strategies to get you job search confident, with my personal guidance and feedback to tackle both the practical AND the mindset challenges.

And if all it did for you was ...

Finally helped you get that dream job in the right location ... would it be worth it?

Gave you negotiation techniques that work so you get the salary raise you want to take your family on holiday ... would it be worth it?

Gave you that inner confidence to create a long-lasting career strategy that stops you from going into overwhelm and burnout ... would it be worth it?

YES! Of course it would!

And because I'm SO confident that Job Search Confidence WILL change your career, I'm going to give you a 100% money back guarantee.

You've got until the end of your first week to ask for a full refund, no questions asked. That will be more than enough time to see the quality of the videos, the worksheets, the personal support and the online community. After that first week is up, absolutely no refunds.


Get Job Search Confident.

Take back control of your career. Don't stay stuck in a job you don't love, feeling underpaid, undervalued and overwhelmed. Life's too short. Take action today.